[Subject To Changes]

TueSep 228:00ROYAL ST. CLOUD (W/B)$120
WedSep 237:30CHAMPIONS GATE (N)$120
ThurSep 248:00WHITE HERON G.C.$120
WedSep 307:30CHAMPIONS GATE (I)$120
Thu-FriOct 1-210:00EAGLE DUNES G.C.$3202-Day
MonOct 59:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
WedOct 79:22RIO PINAR G.C.$120
ThurOct 810:00CHAMPIONS GATE (N)$120
Wed-ThuOct 14-159:00WHITE HERON G.C.$3502-Day NEXT! L2
FriOct 169:00CHAMPIONS GATE (I)$120
TueOct 2010:00ROYAL ST. CLOUD G.L.$120
WedOct 219:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
ThurOct 2211:00EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
ThurOct 2910:00CHAMPIONS GATE (I)$120
FriOct 3010:00BLACK BEAR G.C.$120
MonNov 29:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
ThurNov 510:30WHITE HERON G.C.$120
WedNov 119:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
ThurNov 1210:00CHAMPIONS GATE (N)$120
FriNov1310:30EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
WedNov 18[TBA]$120
ThurNov 1910:30WHITE HERON G.C.$120
FriNov 2010:00BLACK BEAR G.C.$120
MonNov 23[TBA]$120
TueNov 24[TBA]$120
WedNov 2510:00CHAMPIONS GATE (N)$120
MonNov 3010:00BLACK BEAR G.C.$120
Tue-WedDec 1-2[TBA]$3202-Day
ThurDec 310:30EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
MonDec 710:30BAYOU CLUB$120
WedDec 99:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
ThurDec 1010:00CHAMPIONS GATE (N)$120
MonDec 1410:30BAYOU CLUB$120
TueDec 1510:30WHITE HERON G.C.$120
WedDec 16[TBA]$120
ThurDec 1710:30EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
MonDec 219:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
TueDec 229:00CHAMPIONS GATE (N)$120

TueJan 5[TBA]$120
WedJan 69:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
ThurJan 710:00CHAMPIONS GATE (N)$120
FriJan 810:30EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
MonJan 1110:00BLACK BEAR G.C.$120
Tue-WedJan 12-1310:00CHAMPIONS GATE (I/N)$3202-Day
ThurJan 14[TBA]$120
TueJan 1911:00WHITE HERON G.C.$120
WedJan 209:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
ThurJan 2110:30EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
MonJan 2510:00BLACK BEAR G.C.$120
Tue-WedJan 26-2710:00[TBA]$3202-Day
ThurJan 28[TBA]$120
MonFeb 19:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
TueFeb 2[TBA]$120
Wed-ThurFeb 3-410:00CHAMPIONS GATE (N/N)$3202-Day
MonFeb 8[TBA]$120
TueFeb 911:00WHITE HERON G.C.$120
WedFeb 10[TBA]$120
ThurFeb 1110:30EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
TueFeb 1610:00BLACK BEAR G.C.$120
WedFeb 179:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
ThurFeb 18[TBA]$120
MonFeb 22[TBA]$120
TueFeb 2310:30EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
Wed-ThurFeb 24-25[TBA]$3202-Day
MonMar 19:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
TueMar 2[TBA]$120
Wed-ThurMar 3-410:00CHAMPIONS GATE (I/N)$3202-Day
MonMar 8[TBA]$120
TueMar 9[TBA]$120
WedMar 1011:00WHITE HERON G.C.$120
ThurMar 1110:30EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
MonMar 1510:00BLACK BEAR G.C.$120
TueMar 16[TBA]$120
WedMar 179:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
ThurMar 18[TBA]$120
MonMar 22[TBA]$120
WedMar 24[TBA]$120
ThurMar 2510:30EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
MonMar 299:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
Tue-WedMar 30-31[TBA]$3202-Day
TueApr 610:00BLACK BEAR G.C.$120
Wed-ThurApril 7-810:00CHAMPIONS GATE (I/N)$3202-Day
MonApril 12[TBA]$120
WedApril 149:00WEST ORANGE C.C.$120
ThurApril 15[TBA]$120
FriApril 1610:30EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
TueApril 2010:00WHITE HERON G.C.$120
WedApril 21[TBA]$120
ThurApril 22[TBA]$120
TueApril 27[TBA]$120
WedApril 28[TBA]$120
ThurApril 299:00EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
MonMay 38:00BLACK BEAR G.C.$120
TueMay 4[TBA]$120
Wed-ThurMay 5-68:00CHAMPIONS GATE (I/N)$3202-Day
TueMay 11[TBA]$120
WedMay 12[TBA]$120
ThurMay 139:00EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
TueMay 189:00WHITE HERON G.C.$120
WedMay 19[TBA]$120
ThurMay 20[TBA]$120
MonMay 24[TBA]$120
WedMay 26[TBA]$120
ThurMay 278:30EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120
MonMay 318:00BLACK BEAR G.C.$120
TueJune 1[TBA]$120
Wed-ThurJune 2-38:00CHAMPIONS GATE (I/N)$3202-Day
TueJune 8[TBA]$120
WedJune 9[TBA]$120
ThurJune 108:00EAGLE DUNES G.C.$120

FOR FALL 2020 & WINTER 2021